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Generalized Anxiety

If you keep finding yourself going down the same troublesome path with your thoughts, learn more about how counseling can help.

Fertility Issues

When you have been facing fertility issues, that have caused you extreme anxiety the best thing you can do is to ask for help.


If you have intrusive fears that cause you anxiety and use rituals or behaviors to get rid of it, let us help you change your life for the better.

Panic Attacks

When you experience sudden surges of intense terror, fear, or dread that happen for no apparent reason, counseling can help you.

Social Anxiety

If you experience intense fears of getting humiliated, embarrassed or criticized, learn more about how counseling can help.

Medical Anxiety

You constantly worry about having a serious medical condition even though your doctor has assured you that it is nothing to worry about, help is available.


To save time, please fill out the following forms before your first visit.

Adult Intake Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Professional Disclosure

Child Symptoms for Intake

Consent to Treatment

Consent to Use & Disclose Health Information

Child Intake Form

Fees & Payment

Kasandra Wheeler is credentialed with and accepts BCBS, Aetna, CBHA and MedCost. Kasandra is not currently accepting new clients.


Tremayne Butler is credentialed with and accepts BCBS. Tremayne is currently accepting new clients and has virtual only appointments evenings as well as Sundays.


Our self pay rate is $120 for initial sessions and $100 for subsequent sessions.


Please contact Practice Manager/Owner: Kasandra to go over individual insurance plans and billing questions. Payments Accepted: Cash, All Credit Cards, FSA/HSA Cards

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