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Generalized Anxiety

You keep finding yourself going down the same troublesome path with your thoughts.

Your thoughts are dominated by constant worry. If you have something that is bothering you, you find it extremely hard to let it go. When worry comes to you, you have trouble sending it away. 

You worry too much and have started to believe that your worst fears will come true. Every day, you try to deal with this through different methods, but nothing seems to work long enough. You even try to hide from some people and things to prevent triggering an anxiety attack or response. 

You are finding it hard to keep it together and are afraid that people will notice that.

You have realized that this constant worry is stopping you from living life the way you want, and to feel normal again, you need the help of a counselor. 

How Can Counseling Help Me?

The good news is, getting counselling by experienced professionals at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC will improve your life dramatically. We can help you deal with generalized anxiety. Counselling can help you through the following ways:

You will:

  • Learn how to be mindful of the present.

  • Learn how to face your fears, and stop avoiding everything that triggers your anxiety – including people, situations, and places.

  • Identify and accept your anxious thoughts when they surface, and stop them from drowning you in.

  • Be able to connect with those around you without feeling like something is “wrong” with you.

  • Be able to recognize and apply behaviors that are good for reducing anxiety and the compulsions that worsen it.

Is Counseling Suitable for Me?

Counseling for anxiety is best for you if you are seeking a way to cut through the mental quicksand that keeps dragging you down. It will help you understand the causes of your fears, dread, and worries, and will teach you how to deal with them so that you can develop clarity in your thoughts and begin to heal. 

Counseling sessions with trained counsellors at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC will help you if you:

  • Are experiencing physical responses to anxiety, including chest pain, sweating, or sleep problems. 

  • Are behaving in unusual ways in attempts to keep your anxiety at bay. 

  • Are feeling alone and isolated because your anxiety is preventing you from going for new experiences.

  • Feel that anxiety is harming the quality of your life.

  • Require help to identify and address the triggers of your anxiety.

  • Are looking for developing the courage to recognize and face your fears.

Above All, Remember:

You are not alone. We are here to help!

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