A Note from the Owner:

I opened Kasandra Wheeler PLLC in June 2017 with the vision of helping as many people as possible who struggle with anxiety and associated mental health needs. 

While envisioning my plans to provide excellent service for my clients, I thought a lot about my experiences as an individual who struggled with anxiety. As a young child I struggled with panic attacks (although at the time I did not realize what they were) and while in school went through difficult times controlling racing thoughts and worrying. As an adult who went through trouble with fertility anxiety reared its ugly head again and lead me to be able to find an additional niche in working with clients who have or are going through their journery to parenthood. Today, I pride myself on being able to help others control anxiety and worrying utilizing the knowledge I have acquired through personal experience, school and specialized training. Whether your first interaction with my practice is through an email, phone call, or post, know that I will be here for you going forward providing you with the proven coping skills to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life.