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Fertility Issues

You have been facing fertility issues, which have caused you extreme anxiety.

Infertility has been affecting your life – including your personal and professional relationships, how you view life in general, and how you think about yourself. 

It has caused you to feel stressed, depressed, and anxious. You are so preoccupied with your fertility issues that it is hard to live a productive life. You find yourself stuck in a spiral of unhealthy habits such as social isolation, persistently feeling sad, guilty or worthless, and substance abuse. 

Counseling is the Solution

The best thing to do in this situation is to ask for help. 

Going through fertility treatment can be challenging, distressing and overwhelming. If you are ready to seek help, counseling sessions at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC can be the best solution. Here, you can sort your feelings out, identify coping mechanisms and learn how to deal with your anxiety that is caused by fertility issues.  

Trained therapists at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC are here to help people who are dealing with fertility issues. You can discuss your stressors, concerns and fears in detail, according to which we will design a personalized therapy program for you. We will help you identify the troublesome thoughts and behaviors, work out ways to address issues, and create a more peaceful, fulfilling and happy life for you.

Therapy will allow you to feel “complete” and can change your life for the better. Just take the first step and get in touch with us. 

You are not alone. We are here to help!

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