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Medical Anxiety

You constantly worry about having a serious medical condition or believe that your symptoms point towards a serious disease, even though your doctor has assured you that it is nothing to worry about.

You may have medical anxiety, which is also called health anxiety or illness anxiety.

A person with medical anxiety experiences an irrational or obsessive worry about being seriously ill, to the extent that he imagines the presence of physical symptoms of the illness. You may also misinterpret minor symptoms or normal bodily sensations as signs of serious illness, and the reassurance of medical professionals doesn’t help them. This continuous worry causes distress that becomes disabling, affecting your daily life, work, and personal relationships.

Counseling Can Help You

If you can relate to the above situation, you are likely to have medical anxiety and should seek professional help. Counseling sessions at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC will help you deal with medical anxiety, and improve the quality of your life. We can offer you several types of therapy options with a therapy program tailored to your specific needs, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We will also assist you in understanding and addressing the thoughts and behaviors that play a role in your medical anxiety.  We can work with you to help avoid anxiety so that you can lead a more comfortable and happy life. 

Trained therapists at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC are here to help treat Medical Anxiety. Getting help can change your life for the better. Just take the first step and get in touch with us.

You are not alone. We are here to help!

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