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Panic Attacks

You experience sudden surges of intense terror, fear, or dread that happen for no apparent reason.

These episodes are often accompanied by physical symptoms like a racing or pounding heart, tightness in your chest, choking sensations, dizziness, increased sweating, and shortness of breath.

You also feel tormented by some extreme thoughts, such as thinking that you are going crazy, or dying or getting out of control.

A panic attack feels bad enough, but you often also feel nervous because you worry about getting more panic attacks in the future. This leads you to behave irrationally due to fear arising from a perceived threat, such as a plane crash or a natural disaster. Life seems difficult because you are always worried about avoiding certain situations or places because you fear that they will trigger a panic attack.

Panic is the most severe form of anxiety.

Panic can sometimes lead to panic attacks. Panic disorder refers to a condition in which you experience an overwhelming fear of getting a panic attack, particularly in a public place.

Counselling Can Help You

If you have frequent panic attacks and feel that they or a fear of them limit your activities, it is best to speak to a mental health professional.

Panic attacks can be treated, and seeking professional help is your first step in the recovery journey. Counseling sessions at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC will help you deal with panic attacks in the most effective way. We can offer you several types of therapy options with a therapy program tailored to your specific needs, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We will also assist you in understanding and addressing the thoughts and behaviors that play a role in the development of an attack.  We can work with you to help avoid panic attacks and reduce their severity so that you can lead a more comfortable and happy life.

Trained therapists at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC are available to help treat Panic Attacks. Getting help from our trained therapists can change your life for the better. Just take the first step and get in touch with us.

You are not alone. We are here to help!

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