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5 Common Worries Kids and Teens Have When Returning to School

Back to School Anxiety

Going back to school comes with a lot of mixed emotions. Sadness that the freedom and fun of summer is over. Excitement for new clothes, getting back into routine and seeing friends again. And of course nerves as the reality of newness and transition sets in.

What's Normal Worrying?

It is normal for every kid to feel jitters and nerves for that first day. But when does it become too much and what kind of help is available for when you can't deal with it? Some common worries kids and teens have when returning to school are:

Will I know anyone in my class?

Will I like my teacher?

Will I fit in and make friends?

Will I get good grades?

Will I get lost?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Worry

It is important to discuss and address any concerns a child or teen may have and try to figure out what stratagies can be put in place to ease these worries. Depending on the specific concern specific soloutions can be put into place. Highlight positive and fun memories from previous years, remember the importance of working hard and doing the best versus the number or letter grade, ask school staff for a tour or map of school in the last weeks of summer. For most common fears or common worries can be put into place and prepared for in the weeks leading up to the first day.

What To Do if Worry Persists

If things are put into place, you are as prepared as possible and anxiety still is concerning consider reaching out for help. A trained therapist can help ease transitional anxiety or long term anxiety regarding the pressures that come along with school. It is essential to feel as positive as possible to learn. It is okay and perfectly normal to be anxious about everything school entails. You are not alone. Call our office today and set-up a time to speak with Kerri Pastor if you are concerned about your child's level of anxiety surrounding going to school.

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