5 Ways Counselling Can Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

Since 2003, diagnoses of depression and anxiety have increased among American children aged 6 to 17 years by 46%. (1) As a result, more children and parents than ever are living with and seeking treatment for mental illness. Visits with medical doctors, enrollment in outpatient mental health treatment programs, and working with a psychotherapist are currently the most popular methods of seeking treatment and diminishing mental disability among children. (2) However, counselin

Why Talking on the Phone is Scary but Possible for Anxiety Sufferers

Does this sound like you? Your significant other is the one who always calls for take-out. You avoid answering your phone at all costs. You struggle at work when you know a phone call must be made. If so, you are not alone. For those who struggle with anxiety talking on the phone can seem to be an impossible feat. Regardless of how long you have struggled with talking on the phone, change can happen. Below are some simple strategies for attacking fears associated with talking