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Kasandra Wheeler PLLC is a mental health therapy practice that provides therapy services for adults. Kasandra is a licensed mental health counselor with expertise in treating anxiety disorders, including OCD. She has additional training in Exposure and Response Prevention therapy, an evidence-based treatment for OCD. Kasandra offers free 15-minute phone consultations to all potential new clients and provides both in-person and video sessions. Contact her today to see how she can help you or a family member get started with treatment.

Our Mission


10643 Kettering Dr. Suite 105 Charlotte, NC 28226

Tel: 617-803-7502

Fax: 855-847-7645

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Forever in Blue Jeans by Rosemary Stanley

“One of the most helpful things we have discussed is practicing daily gratitudes. Which ties into the much larger strategy of being mindful. Gratitudes are such a small, yet meaningful, way to practice being mindful” 

—  Previous Client

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