Kasandra Wheeler PLLC is tailored to meet the individual mental health needs of adults with anxiety and OCD. I am pleased to announce that my office is contracted with multiple insurance companies and sessions are accessible through in-person meetings as well as video counseling.


Whether you are struggling with obsessive thoughts, social anxiety, medical anxiety, or panic attacks I am qualified to evaluate and care for these conditions. I am trained and utlizie Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when treating my clients. My goal is to help clients decrease their emotional distress and get back to the life they intended themselves to have. Proud member of the the International OCD Foundation. 

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My mission is to provide quality mental health counseling in a welcoming and therapeutic environment. As a new client, you can expect to meet weekly for sessions and schedule future sessions according to need. I will strive to provide you with valuable and effective coping skills to help with some of life’s most difficult stressors. I recognize the vulnerability of being an active participant in counseling, and I take my role as a counselor very seriously.


As a client, you will have a collaborative role in your treatment planning, and you will provide valuable insight that will direct the course of therapy. Counseling will incorporate various therapeutic models that will address both your emotional and behavioral needs. In our time together, I hope to help you develop a new outlook and help you find hope and peace.

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My office is not currently accepting new clients. Please check-in periodically for the most up to date information. 

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Forever in Blue Jeans by Rosemary Stanley

“One of the most helpful things we have discussed is practicing daily gratitudes. Which ties into the much larger strategy of being mindful. Gratitudes are such a small, yet meaningful, way to practice being mindful” 

—  Previous Client