Counseling Services for Children and Adolescents - Anger

Children and teens can have anger issues, which may be evident from signs, including:

  • Uncontrollable aggressive impulses leading to them physically hitting or hurting others

  • Angry outbursts

  • Frequent and extreme tantrums

  • Damaging property

  • Hurting smaller kids or animals

  • Frequent expressions of self-hatred or hatred towards others


If your child has anger issues, you can look for some physical signs. These include clenched fists, a specific facial expression, tightness in their body and verbal outbursts. Children may get completely consumed by their anger, which can last up to one hour during one aggressive episode. This harms their emotional, social and academic development, and is an issue that you should address immediately.

There may be several reasons behind your child’s anger, such as stressors, parenting problems, grief, mood disorder, abuse, social skills deficits, learning disabilities, ADHD, and others. It may take more than your careful observation to know exactly what is causing anger issues in your child: you should seek the help of a medical professional. 

Counseling is the Solution

Trained professionals at Kasandra Wheeler PLLC can help you help your child. Our extensive experience and training mean that we can successfully identify the root of the causes, as well as provide solutions through multidimensional therapy with a collaborative approach. We will design a tailor-made therapy program for your child, which includes behavioral therapy techniques.

You are not alone. We are here to help!